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Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association - Home Page
What is CCQTA?

The Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association membership consists of companies from multiple segments of the Canadian oil industry. The Association is established with the following educational and scientific objectives:

-To facilitate the resolution of common crude oil quality issues by establishing direct lines of communications among crude oil stakeholders.

-To provide a forum for the presentation and consideration of proposals for industry projects related to any aspect of crude oil quality.

-To improve industry knowledge and awareness of crude oil quality through the cooperative exchange of technical information among industry sectors. The CCQTA is careful to stay clear of commercial issues, concentrating instead upon the technical.

Download the Summary of CCQTA Achievements

Download the CCQTA letter to industry regarding sampling and measurement of vapor pressure and light ends composition

Presentation materials from the joint CCQTA/COQA meeting in San Francisco from Oct 2014 are available on the COQA Website

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Current Projects
» Properties of Thermally Processed Materials
» Oilsands Bitumen Processability - Phase III
» Crude Oil Flammability
» TAN Phase IV
» Bitumen Dewatering & Volumetric Shrinkage
» Emulsion Characterization
» Heavy Oil Compatibility/Stability
» Organic Chlorides in Crude Oil
» Pipeline Corrosion
» TVP-RVP Relationship
» Current Project Listing
» H2S PVT Project

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