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—CCQTA Responds to Transport Canada Proposed H2S Threshold
In December 2016 Transport Canada sought public feedback regarding the proposed 10 ppm threshold for H2S in crude oil for transport by rail and road.

See the CCQTA response in the publications section or use the link below.

—HPLIS Still Available
With the recent passing of Transcendent Enterprises founder Richard Tymco there was some question regarding the continued availability of the HPLIS required to perform ASTM D8003.

Good News!! We have confirmed that Transcendent continues to operate and is actively filling orders.

—Appendix added to ASTM D4929-16
Based on CCQTA research and Organic Chlorides Project group recommendation to the ASTM D02-03 sub-committee, ASTM D4929-16 has been recently revised and published with an appendix regarding the use of water washing crude prior to performing the test method.

—ASTM News Article on Manual Piston Cylinder
The recent edition of ASTM Standardization News has an article on the D8009 Manual Piston Cylinder sampling for volatile crude oils.

Cut and Paste the following link into your browser

—Bitumen Dewatering and Volumetric Correction Report Published
The Bitumen Dewatering and Volumetric Correction project report(s) has been published.
—Includes extended correlation for API 12.3 from 960 to 1020 kg/m3 bitumen.
—Includes standardized methodology for bitumen dewatering for analytical testing.

—Manual Piston Cylinder Sampling Practice ASTM D8009-15 Published
Another test method with its genesis at the CCQTA has been published as an ASTM Standard Practice.

Developed with CCQTA members and the ASTM/API D02.02 task force ASTM D8009 "Manual Piston Cylinder Sampling for Volatile Crude Oils, Condensates, and Liquid Petroleum Products" can be purchased at: or

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