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TAN Project Summary

publication added: 2017-11-20

This white paper provides a brief summary of the 14 year history of this project and findings.

The paper provides details what TAN is and how it impacts the crude oil industry. This includes testing methodologies and how TAN is often misinterpreted.

The paper goes further to highlight the specific research work undertaken by the project group and some general conclusions.

Response to Transport Canada Regarding H2S Proposed Threshold

publication added: 2017-04-12

Technical review and response to the Transport Canada regarding the proposed H2S thresholds for both rail and road transport.

Temperature Correction of D7975 Field Vapor Pressure Measurement

publication added: 2016-04-18

Safe transport and handling of crude oil and condensate streams requires diligent monitoring of the vapor pressure of these products. Where it is not practical to have an ASTM D6377 instrument onsite such as at an oil gathering battery, trans-loading or rail-loading terminal, a field version of the method was developed as ASTM D7975. The D7975 test method utilizes the same principle of operation as the D6377 test method by expanding a sample of test fluid to a specified vapor/liquid ratio and measuring the resulting pressure. The drawback of the D7975 test method is that is does not allow for accurate temperature control of the test cell and thus results are difficult to compare to laboratory results performed using D6377 as well to operational or product specifications.

The paper provides nomographs and equations to allow easy correction of D7975 data to D6377 for field results comparison to operational or product specifications.

Organic Chlorides - Contaminant Response Protocol

publication added: 2016-02-18

The Contaminant Response Protocol (CRP) is intended to provide an investigative framework that can be used by refiners, shippers and producers to identify the potential source(s) of organic chloride contamination once it has been detected.

Recommendation for Organic Chloride Testing Coupled with Volatile Phosphorus Testing

publication added: 2016-01-08

Document describing the benefits of coupling organic chloride testing with volatile phosphorus testing to validate positive results.

Letter to Industry Regarding Vapor Pressure and Light Ends Measurement

publication added: 2015-07-28

In response to the many requests from the CCQTA for information/input on sampling and testing issues dealing with crude transport by rail & pipeline, some members of the Executive have prepared an information/position paper for distribution to any interested party.

Organic Chloride - Letter to Laboratories

publication added: 2015-07-28

Letter to laboratories regarding the appropriate method reporting of results for organic chlorides. Includes commentary on differences between detection limit terminologies.

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