Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association - News - *****Announcing the Formation of Condensate Quality Sub-Committee****
*****Announcing the Formation of Condensate Quality Sub-Committee****

We are pleased to announce the formation of the CCQTA Condensate Quality Sub-Committee.

This committee was formed at the close of the Condensate Quality Project to provide a forum for members to participate, get updates and provide feedback to and from the numerous projects that relate to condensate quality. These projects currently include but are limited to:
-Organic Chlorides

The intent of the sub-committee is to provide a common linkage between active and closed projects to ensure continuity of the learnings gained from those projects.

This will allow the CCQTA provide feedback, support and education to industry on issues affecting condensate quality.

This sub-committee is currently seeking a CCQTA member to act as Chairperson. The committee currently contains the remaining members of the Condensate Quality Project group.

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