Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association - Board of Directors

Directors of the Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association

Name Company Telephone Sector Represented
Randy Segato Suncor Energy1 (403) 296-4561President
Scott Smith Cenovus1 (403) 766-6083Vice President
Gerald Bruce GWB Consulting1 (403) 461-9069Treasurer
Dave Murray Omnicon Consultants Inc.1 (780) 218-3759Secretary & Website Manager
Andre Lemieux Omnicon Consultants Inc.1 (780) 975-3026Technical Director
Tammy Sauer Kinder Morgan Pipelines1 (403) 206-6931Director of Pipelines
Cara Madee Marathon Petroleum1 (419) 421-3661Director of International Members
Chris Ryan Tundra Marketing1 (403) 536-0785Director of Production
Ron Parise Nalco Canada1 (905) 464-4401Director of Additives
Derek Fraser Maxxam Analytics1 (780) 378-8597Director of Industry Services
James Johnson Marathon Petroleum1 (313) 297-6243Director of Refining
Charles Ward Alberta Department of Energy1 (780) 644-7023Director of Government Agencies
Dennis Sutton COQA1 (419) 306-0375Director - Crude Oil Quality Association

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Current Projects
» Open Forum
» TVP-RVP Relationship
» Heavy Oil Compatibility/Stability
» TAN Phase IV
» Toluene Insoluble Organic Materials (TIOM) Project
» Transmission Pipeline Sour Service - Open
» Pipeline Corrosion
» Organic Chlorides in Crude Oil
» Crude Oil Flammability
» Transmission Pipeline Sour Service
» Condensate Quality Sub-Committee
» H2S PVT Project

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