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Open Forum


12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Stock Exchange Tower 300-5th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB - 2nd Floor, Edmund Taylor Room


No fixed agenda.

Previous Topics (March 2017):
-Valve Seal Degradation (TransCanada Pipelines)
-ASTM D8045 Thermometric TAN Method (Statoil)
-Amine Contamination in Crude (Suncor)
-Water Content Measurement (ASTM D02.08 Chair)
-Dissolved Gas in Crude Oil (ASTM D02.08 Chair)
-Convection section corrosion (CITGO)

Possible Topics for Discussion:
-New project on water content method comparison
-New project on amine in crude oil
-Olefin NMR test method deviations and reproducibility
-Processing organic chloride contaminated crude
-Innotech/CN Canupux seeking feedback from refiners

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