Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association - Project - H2S PVT Project
H2S PVT Project

This project was initiated to develop a set of graphs that can be used to estimate the vapor phase concentration of H2S based on the liquid phase concentration, the temperature and vapor space ratio above the liquid, using equation of state modeling.

Through the project work is became evident that a simple model based solution was not possible and the project changed its focus to evaluation of H2S evolution risk in crude oils. This project took learnings from the earlier H2S Measurement project as well as the TVP/RVP project to develop an analytical method coupled with established single phase sampling practices.

The result is the development of a H2S evolution and measurement method intended for pressurized samples (ASTM D3700 and/or D8009). This method is fit for purpose for materials that are outside of the scope of the often used ASTM D5705 test method.

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